Social Media vs. Website: Which One Is More Advantageous for Your Sales?

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Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have become very suitable not only for individual but also for corporate use in the last few years, and the number of users in this field has explicitly increased. Thanks to social media, brands are now following their audiences on social platforms, carrying out campaigns, draw lots and of course, most importantly, they are able to make sales. As such, it is easy to hear a lot of controversy as business owners or digital marketing enthusiasts such as “Internet sites are over now, all brands are on social” “No matter how much social media platforms develop, they cannot radically destroy the Internet”. So, is social media or website really more advantageous for e-commerce businesses to sell in today’s, 21st century, digital age or pandemic environment? What are the differences between having a website or Instagram page? Do you really need a website to sell things? Let’s take a look at the answers together.

Advantages of Using Social Media for E-commerce:

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Advantages of using social media in e-commerce

The biggest advantage of using social media for e-commerce activities is to be visible. With the right strategy, you can gain the interaction you can get with your website through months of SEO and reputation work on social media in a few weeks. Fast feedback, low costs and direct access to your target audience are the icing on the cake. As a matter of fact, regardless of your payment system, no matter how quality your products / services are, social media alone can only be used to announce your promotions and campaigns and manage customer relations. Because it was created for this, and although we cannot predict what will happen in the future, today’s audience / sales rates on social media are quite low. So social media is the illuminated sign, mascot or salesperson in front of your shop, while the website is the shop itself.

Advantages of Having a Website for E-commerce:

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Advantages of having website

There are many advantages to using websites for e-commerce activities, but beware: it must go hand in hand with successful social media strategies! Because the feedback received from the website is very slow. However, if you have a successful web design and support it with SEO studies such as content management and backlinks, you can get solid, long-lasting and stable feedback. Another point among the advantages of having a website is that your site mostly appeals to an audience ready to buy. For example, someone who follows your Instagram page and registers your products may be thinking about shopping from your store when they are going to get married or have children. However, if someone found your website by typing your industry keywords into search engines, they are most likely a potential buyer, meaning they intend to buy in a short time.

Again, SMS notifications, virtual pos integration, shopping cart system and corporate stance are among the advantages that come with the website and inspire trust. Therefore, for your e-commerce activities, you should first agree with a successful social media manager and create your social media strategies in line with weekly and monthly plans, then hire a web design agency where you can get made an e-commerce WordPress or e-commerce special software website. So you get all the benefits of digital marketing and create background strategies to get loyal customers and instant sales on your website while enjoying fast feedback with social media.