Coding Age: Desktop vs. Mobile

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It is a well-known fact that our lives have changed as fast as lightning due to the technological development in general and software revolution in specific. As it has been engraved in mankind history, we always remember the quote by Heraclitus, “the only thing that is constant is change”. That quote has become the winner again when it breaks the perception of the unbreakable kingdom of desktop application. New king in the software universe is undoubtfully the mobile applications. We respectfully salute it and list why mobile overcomes desktop.

Whisper of the writer: Maybe we needed to change the title of the text as “Mobile App Age” but anyway.

1. Universal declaration of keyboards

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mobile applications

No, you did not read it wrong, it is not the “Universal declaration of human rights”, it is “Universal declaration of keyboards”. They declared their freedom thanks to mobile applications. A keyboard is not a must as it is in advance due to the irrepressible rising ecosystem of mobile apps.

Desktop applications are only used with a physical keyboard. Although it does not seem like that, it is one of the reasons why users have chosen the mobile rather than desktop. Keyboards, mouses, mousepads, fans are the barriers of usability and portability.

2. Rule of smalls

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why mobile applications

Let’s think hypothetically; if you had to choose one of them, which one would you choose? A. Small cat / B. Big cat. Most of you probably did not even read the second option. Because small is always the best as it’s in the comparison of mobile vs. desktop. Small screens, small cameras, small buttons seem to have convinced device users to tend mobile. Being small is a unique advantage.

3. A phone distance away

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develop mobile application

We use our phones to communicate, have fun, watch films, listen to music, take notes. That is why we always carry our mobile phones with us. Besides, their portable function is a plus. As mobile device users we are always a phone distance away to the brands which makes them invest in mobile application environment.

4. Alternative internet connection

mobile devices and mobile applications - desktop apps - desktop applications

mobile devices and mobile applications

Cellular network is enough to connect to the world which makes the mobile devices advantageous than desktop. It has an impact on development of the ecosystem. Coders choose to reach their potential clients asap. Thus, they generally choose to develop mobile applications rather than desktop.

5. Heaven of applications

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heaven of mobile apps

That is a consequence of the combination of other reasons. Due to its usability, portability and flexibility mobile devices conducted the appropriate conditions to develop mobile apps. It is not possible to find all apps or their well-functioned versions in desktop, but mobile universe can be named as the heaven of applications. Wish, search, find, load, and enjoy.