5 Main Differences Between UX and UI

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UX and UI design has become more popular recently due to the rally of software industry. As a matter of fact, UX term which refers to User Experience was being used in terminology before it has become such popular. Creating a product is a theory and UX design is its practice. Improvement of a product needs User Experience (UX). With the result of experiences, products become adaptable to the daily life and continue their existence in the market.

UI term refers to User Interface which is only applicable on digital products. It has become highly popular thanks to the especially mobile applications. An idea is a theory and UI design is its practice. User Interface draws the route for a developer, it’s a kind of digital architectural drawings.

There’re many differences between UX design and UI design but we aimed to plan and list 5 main differences between them. Common point of UX and UI which are both focused on user needs is definitely that we need them for innovation, development and actualizing our ideas.

1. UX design is applied for both physical and digital products

ux and ui - ux design - ui design

ux and ui

UX design is needed where any type of production is conducted while UI design is used for digital products -that can be both desktop and mobile applications- to create an interaction with the users (just a note: we examined desktop vs. mobile in our previous blog post, you can take a look at it)

2. UI design focuses on user’s interaction with a product

user interface - ui design - ux design - user experience

user interface – ui design

UI design visualizes the idea and shape it in a form that a user can show his/her reactions while UX design focuses on a full experience of users with the product from the first contact to the last.

3. UX design provides structural design solutions for projects

what is ui and ux - ui design - ux design

what is ui and ux

UX design is a tool to create case-by-case solutions on the structural basis for the experience of the users. It is like a pen to fix the picture while UI design is the pen drawing the picture itself.

4. UI design pleases its users aesthetically

ui design aim - ux design aim - aim of ui - aim of ux

ui design aim

UI design prioritizes the beauty, typography, colors, patterns, buttons, images, animations while UX design gives importance both to aesthetics and effectiveness.

5. UI design draws the route for developers

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ui and ux

UI design is a must for developing both desktop and mobile applications. It enables developers to say loudly “land ahoy!” as the sailors. UI design transforms the intangibles into tangibles. By doing so, it shows the route to the frontend developers. If we are not able to imagine a construction project without an architectural design, it is not possible to create a functional and eye-pleasing application without UI design.