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Drool, the TikTok for food enthusiasts. Share enticing food videos and recipes, and support your favorite creators all in one place.


Thanks to its rich audio library, Cheepy brings you a pure auditory space for your work and life.

This space is reserved for you.

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Fundle, akin to Roblox, is your one-stop gaming library. Explore a variety of games and customize your 3D avatar for immersive gaming.


Never miss a warranty expiry with Garantimo, your comprehensive warranty management platform. Track device statuses and manage warranties with ease.


Kidu, the Uber for kids. Approved drivers provide safe transportation for children, while parents manage rides and track journeys from start to finish.


Popoff, a social network for UVU and BYU students. Like Tinder, but for connecting on campus. Share your interests, swipe to match, and chat with fellow students.


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BodyEngineers is a Personal Workout Training Tracker App that will help you to achieve your dream fitness goals.


Cryptobys is a community-centric NFT marketplace project built with Flutter for Web & Mobile.


Dailyshot makes journaling secure, private, easy and fun. Save your mood and track relations thanks to the analytics tool.

Dr. Moku

Learn to read, write and speak Japanese Hiragana & Katakana, Korean Hangul and Arabic in record time with Dr. Moku's animated flashcards.

Freelancer CRM

Manage and grow your freelance business with Freelancer CRM App - in one place. With the app, you can keep your project pipeline full and make your business profitable.

Harfer - Guess the Word

Harfer is one-of-a-kind, word puzzle game which is simple yet challenging! Fill in the blanks with words and test your skills as a word guesser.


Moodly is a simple diary app for those who want to record their daily lives easily. Record your day with just a few taps!

Notefly PRO

Well-organized, easily accessible notes? Take audio, visual and written notes with Notefly PRO and save them in your mailbox. Save with 2 taps, and store forever.


Inspired by Pomodoro technique, POCUS helps you block your time for focus. 25 minutes or 45 minutes is all you need to get closer to your goal.


YapanBiri is the new generation listing platform that brings together experts in their business and those who want to hire their services.