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We focus on giving our clients the best possible products. By going through cycles of ideation, design and development we make your idea in to a great mobile product.

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Get Ready...

Idea Validation

Market Research

UX report

You have a brilliant idea, and we have the expertise to fuel it. With comprehensive market research and intricate UX reports, we help validate your concept, laying a solid foundation. Together, we'll navigate through the landscape of your niche, refining your idea and getting it ready for a remarkable lift-off.


Build your MVP



As the countdown to your product's launch begins, our skilled team is in full gear to design and develop your MVP. Your vision becomes our mission as we fuse our technological prowess with your unique concept. We'll meticulously craft your idea into a tangible, high-performing product, setting the stage for a successful launch.


Launch your product

Go-to-market strategy

Target Customers

Blast off! It's time for your product to take flight. Our go-to-market strategy ensures your launch is impactful and reaches your target customers. We’re with you every step of the way, from defining the optimal launch strategy to identifying and reaching your ideal customers, making your product launch a stellar success.

Go beyond...

Data analysis

Improve your product

Grow your business

The sky isn’t our limit. Through precise data analysis and continuous product improvements, we empower you to surpass your business growth targets. We provide you with the insights you need to make data-driven decisions, refine your product, and propel your business growth. With Etrexio, let's journey beyond the stars.

How do we build your rocket?


Ideation Studio

We help you generate and refine innovative business ideas that solve real-world problems.


Validation Lab

Provide market research, customer feedback, and validate your ideas by creating a minimum viable product (MVP).


Product Factory

Designs and develops the MVP, including UI/UX design and software development, to bring the idea to life.


Launch Pad

Launching your product by providing support in areas as branding, and initial customer acquisition strategies.


Traction Boost

Help you achieve rapid growth by providing support in customer acquisition, user engagement, and product feature development.

They trusted us

“Oh boy, it has been a long and hard 10 months work. I am glad that i approached Kemal initially from Etrexio and he managed to deliver the project in every aspect. Honestly, i do not think many freelancers would go such great lengths to deliver this project as they did. It is a project more difficult than expected. There's a few things that i would like to commend them on *Constant communication *Clear direction and planning *Experienced *Managing expectation so that project is delivered based on the clients needs *The safety that this company would not ditch the project due to the difficulty. This means that they absolutely given me the trust a client needed no matter how hard the project would be. From my experience in hiring freelancers, they exceeded the expectations from a development standpoint. I can't say that they are the best because i would have to try many different services from people here but they are the best that i have ever engaged. I hope this sincere recommendation will help you with your development journey to get more customers. Your projects will be safe and done excellently with them. Thank you Etrexio”


Jazsley Zainal

Founder of BodyEngineers

“I have managed development projects for 15 years and have worked with every type of developer, from every part of the world. What sets the Etrexio team apart is not only their attention to quality but their attitude. Many dev teams just want to finish the project in the fastest way possible with no concern for the Etrexio not only gracefully solved problems but they went out of their way to add and improve features beyond the initial scope because they think long-term. We now have a solid framework to build our success together because no corners were cut at the start. Another area that has impressed me is how they handled the 'final bottleneck' before launch. This is always the most draining period for both parties but we got through it in style without sacrificing quality. The project was one of the most complex projects that I have ever managed but also one of the easiest because of their attitude, honesty, and resilience. Onwards and upwards.”


Bob Bryne

Founder of Dr. Moku

“I recently hired Etrexio Digital Solutions to help build my app, and I must say that they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. From the very beginning, they took the time to understand our vision and goals for the app, and they have consistently delivered exceptional work. Not only do they get projects done on time, but they also exercise great precision and attention to detail when creating products. One thing that really stands out to me about Etrexio Digital Solutions is their commitment to ensuring that their clients are informed and satisfied every step of the way. They answer all questions promptly and thoroughly, and they ask great questions about the product that show they truly care and want the best for their clients. Overall, I would highly recommend Etrexio Digital Solutions to anyone looking for a reliable, skilled, and attentive team of developers. They have exceeded my expectations in every way, and I am confident that they will continue to do so for all of their clients.”


Matthew Spector

Co-Founder of Popoff